Social Media Management

Effective social media management for your small business

Social media has taken over the world and is a really fantastic tool for people to stay in touch with one another. But it’s also an effective way to reach customers for businesses and to build more personal relationships with your customer base. Social media can be used to:

  •  Promote new products and services
  •  Educate customers about industry news and events that may interest them
  •  Manage customer support and enquiries
  •  Run competitions and polls to learn more about your audience and market
  •  As a branding opportunity to engage with your audience about things they care about
  •  Increase your customer base with viral content and targeted campaigns

But Why - What is the importance of Social Media Management

Your business has to be where the people are and of course that means social media. If you aren’t on social media you are missing out on opportunities. Some companies run their company marketing efforts solely through social media. I can provide a fully or partly managed social media solution to suit your business needs, whether it be support, sales, engagement or social advertising.


Often the best social media management strategy is a well targeted approach which addresses key market opportunities. Not everyone’s needs are the same, and we want to deliver you consistent value.


We know social because we practice what we preach. With 15 years in operation and counting we have seen the rise and rise of social media and have relied on it first hand. When you work with me you know you are working with an established and reputable company that always delivers results.


I am 100% american owned and operated located on the Souhern New Jersey.


We love social media and we love to talk about it and support our customers in their social media campaigns and provide best practice advice to get the most out of it.

Standard Package Rate or Customized Just For You

We offer a standard package and we can also build a custom package to suit your specific business needs. As I mentioned before there are lots of great ways to use social media. From paid advertising to customer service to market re-engagement and branding and promotions. We want to understand your business inside out as well as your customers so we can be your trusted provider of social media management. I can increase your social following and clout and turn your dormant boring social profiles which you may think are there because you have to do something, to something that actually works for your business. I can even draft craft the right message at the right time to maximise returns and to increase engagement.

Monthly price


  • Fully managed solution
  • 12 social posts a month across all your networks
  • 3 social media accounts
  • Design of your profiles included

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