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Pay per click advertising also known as Google Adwords is a great way to instantly get your website on the first page of Google in Google’s paid advertising section. However we also offer advertising services with Facebook which is becoming a growing market in social search and discover. It’s so important to get found on Google and through social media and I can help setup your campaigns in no time. Stop missing out on leads and signup!

Why Paid Per Click Advertising?

The great thing about (Paid Per Click Advertising) PPC is that it can guarantee top position at Google (at a price of course) without any stress, time or money spent. It is important though that your website is well designed and implements SEO best practices as Google uses a quality score to measure how well your website matches your Google ads. So both a good website and a good advertising campaign are required to succeed with Google advertising. Of course the main benefit of Google advertising compared to traditional advertising methods is that you are only paying for genuine leads. You are not spending money on people who have no interest in your business, rather you are spending money to acquire customers who are actively searching for services and products you offer. Let me help you develop an advertising strategy by setting up how your company is positioned and understanding your target market. We then perform keyword research and optimisation to ensure you are getting the best possible value for money. We have assisted many local small businesses get to the top of Google, so what are you waiting for.

Another great benefit of Google Advertising is conversion measurement. This will give you very precise ways of measuring how much it costs to acquire a customer and it will very quickly tell you whether you are receiving value for money. You can very easily change your daily advertising spend budget at any time.

Our Focus on Quality

Google advertising is all about getting quality leads, that’s why all our campaigns cater specifically to your business needs. I will pinpoint your target market by only serving ads to people in your serviceable area. I can also target your campaigns using a number of other means like demographics and interests and keywords. I know the difference between a successful PPC campaign from an advertising point of view and a successful campaign from a business point of view and will focus on delivering great value for your business by ensuring you aren’t paying anything more than you need to acquire customers and that the cost to acquire a customer makes business sense. At the end of the day what’s the point of advertising if you lose money in the process! I hear you! My success is your success that’s why so many of our customers have used and relied on Google Advertising with me for many years.




  • Fully Managed Solution
  • We take care of everything
  • Nominate daily budget
  • Stress free
  • Monthly Reports
  • Good value for money

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