Day two of my learning to be a teacher was easier and harder all at the same time. UGGGH. Let me explain, so the class is a very chatty class, I had to remind them several times the longer this takes the less time we have to work on the project. At one point, these two boys were so mesmerized my the mirrors that they literally forgot I was in the room. I understand they are in third grade, but I had to at one point say to them if you cannot listen and use the mirror correctly I will take it away. Some other boy was making reflections on the wall and ceiling, he was told several times to sit down.

Now I am supposed to be taking over the room, but as they were walking in the room, I walked about 5 feet away from the door to get the seating chart and all hell broke loose just as they walked in the room. The co-op teacher let out a gigantic yell at them, and they all quieted down. At least for about 5 minutes.

This time I wrote a quick note with what to do in order.

  1. Bulletin Board
    1. Objectives
    2. Definitions
    3. Amedeo
  2. Introduce the lesson, supplies and folds
  3. Remind them name and room #
  4. Call tables (I call by table and remind them which supplies to get and fold, along with name and room)

During the lesson, as I needed the students to look at me, I would show them, and then say “When your done, thumbs up and eyes on me”

What I forgot to say yesterday was how I leave the kids. So when I volunteered over at Holy Glenn Elementary School the teacher would make all the kids clean up and then say “Who can show me they are ready to leave.” These kids knew exactly to clean up and sit down, fold their hands and sit forward. The best table was to line up first. The kids love this, so I did this here too.

Then something else I forgot to mention yesterday was how they lined up. So I did remember on the second class yesterday and this class that as they were standing in line, to ask them several questions.

“Who can tell me what’s the difference between self-portrait and portrait?”

“Who can tell me what’s the difference between organic shape, and shape. Give me an example?”

And they actually knew the answer. So it was a productive and wonderful day.

Chatty Kiddies, Day 2 of My Journey

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