Why do I need a TrustE Privacy Policy?

Without an accurate and up-to-date privacy policy, you can be exposing your business to serious and unnecessary risks. For a business that can’t afford a privacy lawyer or chief privacy officer, these risks are sometimes difficult to know and understand. TRUSTe offers solutions for businesses to meet customer, industry and government requirements and expectations.

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Your customers care about privacy.

  • In a competitive market, increasing user engagement and your online sales depends on customer trust and online credibility.
  • 90% of consumers believe it’s important that a website have a privacy policy (TRUSTe Brand Survey 2009. Not publicly available)
  • 88% of online shoppers say that the protection of their personal data is a top concern (Trust Marks: What’s Behind the Label Counts. Publication. Comp. Mc-Afee. Boston, MA: Yankee Group Research, February 2009)
  • 79% of consumersare concerned about unauthorized access to their personally identifiable information (July 2010. “Consumers & Convergence IV” KPMG)

To purchase a Trust-E Privacy Policy and have Rokit Designs set this up for you simply go tohttp://www.client.rokitdesigns.com/cart.php?gid=17 and choose a policy type.

Industry cares about privacy

Google AdSense Program Policies

“AdSense publishers must have and abide by a privacy policy that discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on your website.”

Government cares about privacy.

  • Posting a privacy policy on a commercial website is required by law – serious penalties can result without the proper disclosures in place.
  • Businesses who copy-paste from other privacy policies, or use free privacy policy templates or samples on the Internet usually end up with privacy policies that fail to fully and/or accurately describe their business practices.
  • Regulators view your privacy policy as a legally binding agreement between you and your customers – you can’t afford inaccuracy.

California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003

  • Requires commercial sites to have a privacy policy describing data collection and use for any site accessible to California residents
  • You should care about privacy.


Generate a policy without the dull and complex legal language used in typical consumer notices and demonstrate through a helpful, shortened summary of your site’s privacy practices. Users can easily navigate and understand your privacy practices with intuitive privacy icons.

Privacy Policy Generator

  1. Quick construction of a TRUSTe hosted privacy policy for your site using an intuitive widget interface
  2. Accurately describes your site’s data collection, use and storage practices
  3. Keeps you up-to-date on new state & federal compliance issues
  4. Notifies you of hidden data collection practices via automatic scan
  5. Gives you the flexibility to edit your policy as your business grows or changes

Seal Benefits

Why privacy matters to your business

If you have online privacy it means you have transparency, accountability and choice in the collection and use of your personal information. Having these things means having privacy, no matter how much information you share about yourself. There’s a reason websites have seen up to an 84% increase in purchases when displaying the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal: it’s because privacy matters.

Understanding the fundamentals of privacy

It’s the presence of transparency, accountability and choice, the lynchpins of online privacy, that customers care deeply about. To fully understand what your customers expect from you, keep the following definitions in mind when building or updating your website:

    1. Transparency
    2. Accountability
    3. Choice

Privacy drives business

  1. Privacy is good business because it builds trust. Online shoppers are naturally wary of transactions and products that they can’t see and inspect in person, so establishing strong privacy practices is a great way to help close that gap of uncertainty and potential mistrust. One of the best ways to build trust is to advertise your privacy commitment with trustmarks like TRUSTe’s Web Privacy Seal to signal to consumers the strength of your commitment. Increased trust can only help your business. Not convinced?

TRUSTe Case Studies (http://www.truste.com/customer-success/index.html)

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