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wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbMy web design company, Rokit Designs was in business for over 15 years. In August of 2016, I decided to close the doors on Rokit Designs and focus on being an Art Teacher. As many of my clients know, I have not left them, I just switched them to own their own hosting/domains, and moved all of them into WordPress websites.

Over the years, having a web designer is really not needed. With the invention of WordPress and Joomla, a content management software, that installs free on every hosting account is the easiest way to maintain your web presence. I have become more partial to WordPress with its easy control panel/menu system and little or no learning curve needed to run and customize a website needed for my clients.

With that being said, if someone wants me to do a website, I usually do not turn them down. If you would like a WordPress website, that I custom design for you, I usually start at $500. Why so much? Well it still takes about 22 hours to custom create a CMS Wodpress site to your exact liking, and $23 an hour is pretty cheap in todays day and age.  However, that does include a theme, and my time installing all plugins needed and content. If you require a special plugin (E-commerce) that costs money, that is extra. If you want a million dollar theme-that is extra. I usually will look for themes under $100. I will also, as before, start the hosting and domain packages in YOUR NAME under GoDaddy. Contact me at niki@nikijacob.com to find out exact costs.

Now, even if you do not use me. I tell all my clients, many I have had to help them regain their domains and web pages for them. But I tell them, and I am going to use all caps here, because you must understand this. THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS, THIS IS YOUR WEBSITE, WHEN YOU PAY FOR SOMETHING, YOU OWN IT!!! YOU OWN IT!! MAKE SURE EVERYTHING HAS YOUR NAME ON IT AND YOU CONTROL IT! NOT YOUR DESIGNER!
With that in mind, any good designer will start your accounts using their email, or a fake email, and all of YOUR contact info. When everything is up and running the email should be changed to you, not the designer. Now your designer should have access to it, and your website. But NOT, and I repeat, NOT CONTROL IT!

Here are a few links to get ideas from:

GoDaddy Hosting – For a website, a Linux is always better and cheaper. You do not need a cadillac hosting plan, there is no such thing. There is more space, but not better. And remember you can always upgrade to a larger plan if need be-and you won’t have to do anything to the site.
GoDaddy Domain Names – Unless you already have a domain name, you are going to need a domain name. A domain is the pretty name you use that you type into the browser to find you. This website is nikijacob.com. In all reality its name is something like, that’s not pretty. A domain name tells the pretty name (nikijacob.com) to point to the That’s it.
FYI Do not buy a wordpress hosting package-its more money and means nothing. It’s a hosting package with wordpress, and guess what-the regular hosting package has WordPress too.
Hostgator Hosting– https://www.hostgator.com/shared-plans
Hostgator Domains – https://register.hostgator.com


Check out https://wordpress.org/themes. Or, whatever you company is, do a Google search. For instance “Landscaping WordPress Themes”. You will be able to see what themes are customized for landscaping. Write down the name and let me know, I’ll do the research for you and see if its a good fit. But at least you’ll see the price of the theme.


Check out this page: https://wordpress.org/plugins. Most are FREE, some are not. But at least again you’ll see the price of the plugin.

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And lastly, learn more about WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/. WordPress documentation: https://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page.


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