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Brand Identity is one of the most important marketing strategies for all small business. Do you have a cohesive brand logo? Are you on all social media platforms? Do you have a main website as your hub? Find advice - free quotes and consultations right here.

My web design company, Rokit Designs was in business for over 15 years. In August of 2016, I decided to close the doors on Rokit Designs and focus on being an Art Teacher and a part time web designer. As many of my clients know, I have not left them, I just switched them to own their own hosting/domains, and moved all of them into WordPress websites. Why? Well-over the years, having a full time web designer is really not needed. With the invention of WordPress and Joomla, a content management software, that installs free on every hosting account is the easiest way to maintain your web presence. That is why I offer FREE Training on ALL websites designed. The need for a Full Time website designer is not needed once your website has been established.

So today I create more WordPress websites than I do custom coded sites and most of the time I talk the client into a wordpress site for this very reason. "Do you want to pay a website manager 40 hours a week to maintain code and every change needed; they cost about $65,000 a year. Or can I train you how to update your website for FREE."

I have become more partial to WordPress with its easy control panel/menu system and little or no learning curve needed to run and customize a website needed for my clients.

Websites are a great way to communicate and connect with your customers. Having a well designed website is so important to any business as it is a qualifier for potential customers. If a company has a bad website what does that say about the quality of their products, their attention to detail, their customer service and so on. Your website these days will often be the very first interaction a customer will have with your business and a decision as to whether to pursue your business or to check a customer instead. First impressions are critical and our award winning design team can help you get there.

Here is a list of the types of websites I design and build:


Websites that showcase the quality of your work and the services you may offer. These can be used for sole traders like plumbers, artists, musicians etc. to large businesses which could include government departments, health or manufacturing companies just to name a few.


If you are a writer or part of a news organisation or perhaps you just want to note down your thoughts in a diary format, blogs can be a great tool.


These are great if you want to keep things simple and just want a way to show customers a brief overview of what you do and your service and product offerings without having ecommerce functionality.

Maybe your website involved a range of the above items and we can help you with this as well. Or maybe you have a new web application idea that requires custom development work and doesn’t really fit into the above categories. Well why not learn more on our custom development page.

Who are they suitable for?

The websites I design are great for small/medium businesses from any industry. The website and the process I use to build them are flexible, you will be amazed by the variety of websites I have designed for people. I am all about giving you value, I don’t care about customer lock in or anything like that; I want to serve you the customer. I can take on websites you have had managed by other web developers and even start projects half way through. Nothing is too complicated or messy, I have frankly seen everything and done everything before. Of course I like to work with customers from start to finish that way I can offer the lowest possible prices and deliver the most value in regards to design and features.

The websites I design are very easy to use, if you can log in to a social network and change your profile page you will be more than qualified to manage the content of your new website. I have worked with people who have only just started using computers all the way through to IT whiz’s, there’s nothing to be intimidated by. However you don’t have to update your website content if you don’t want to, I can do this for you at a nominal fee and many of our customers utilize this service.

With that being said, if someone wants me to do a website, I usually do not turn them down. If you would like a WordPress or Joomla website, that I custom design for you, I usually start at $850 for a 10 page site. That includes the contact page. You MUST have all of your own images and content.

How we get your website off the ground

I start by getting to know you and your business, like who is your target market, what’s the purpose of the website etc. I can do this in a couple of ways, the most popular and quickest way is to use our project development form here. This form gives us all the necessary information to build your website to your specific requirements and has been used successfully for many many sites now. Alternatively we do offer in person meetings and this incurs an additional fee if you prefer to meet with us – this is more suitable for large complex sites.

Web Development Stage

Once you have approved your website concept, I will then begin developing it online for you. We can do this in 2 ways, if you are getting a new site, or if you don’t mind some temporary down time whilst your site is built, I can put your website in and under construction mode while I build your new site. Alternatively, if you have an existing site and it’s imperative there’s no downtime we can organise a development or local server so there’s no downtime and there’s a smooth transition for your new website launch.

Design and Concept Stage

Once I understand your requirements and you are happy with the scope of work, we will then design one or many website concepts specifically tailored for your business requirements. All our designs are original designs and the great thing about working with me personally is that I offer unlimited design revisions in the first 2 weeks, so you can make sure your website is just right for you!

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Each website I create has specifically designed instructions just for your website so you can log into it and make any changes and I will be by your side the whole time. Of course if you prefer me to make any ongoing changes I can do that also for a nominal fee. Included with all our website packages is our website security, backup, maintenance, upgrade and support service which is renewed each year. This ensures your website is always secure, up-to-date and backed up in case anything goes wrong. It also means you contact me at anytime if you have any questions on your site or recommendations for improvement and ongoing strategy for your website.


for a standard 10 page site

What it comes with

  • A 10 page website includes a contact page.
  • If you have a website and want it switched into a WordPress site (Content Import)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customed theme

Follow the Project Development form so I can better help you.

Custom Pricing

For most small-medium businesses we strongly recommend our regular turnkey websites as these satisfy most requirements. With our standard packages you get top quality design and construction and a fully managed solution which includes hosting and support so you can worry about running your business and not your website! We also can make tweaks and customisations that meet your business needs without having to pay more for a custom website solution.

But we understand this is not for everyone. This is why I offer custom website development services for my customers. With custom development work, we work how you want us to work!

Common Cases to Use Custom Design!


You have hosting already and just want someone to develop a site on your server with no strings attached.


If you have been working with another developer and stuff has gone horribly wrong we can pick up the pieces and get things back on track.


You are a semi-website guru yourself or perhaps you are from another web agency and you come with a few tricks already up your sleeve and you just need us to sort out a few issues on your site on a contractual basis.

Let's not forget...
If you need me to I will also, as before, start the hosting and domain packages in YOUR NAME under GoDaddy.

Now, even if you do not use me.

I tell all my clients, many I have had to help them regain their domains and web pages for them. But I tell them, and I am going to use all caps here, because you must understand this.


With that in mind, any good designer will start your accounts using their email, or a fake email, and all of YOUR contact info. When everything is up and running the email should be changed to you, not the designer. Now your designer should have access to it, and your website. But NOT, and I repeat, NOT CONTROL IT!


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