Value: Plan and Research

In your sketchbook, start planning your artwork for this unit.

Choose ANY picture - in honor of my seniors graduating and starting a new life after high school the theme for this year is "Rebirth."

Use only 1 page for the entire planning process. I want to see thumbnail drawings, color palette ( if there is color), details written, arrows if needed to indicate important things. maybe even glue in photos, write down google search terms, anything and everything you needed to research and plan the project you chose. You should use up the entire page.

Complete the following on your photo, do not cut out the photo - leave it full size centered on the printer paper.
  1. Choose any photo and print it out in 4x6 or 5x7 ONLY.
  2. Create a B/W value scale (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, than Ebony )that matches all the values found in the photo underneath or above the photo. (like we did in the last exercise with the girl's face)
  3. Grid your photo to a 1" x 1" grid.
  4. If using any colored pencils - find the right pencil colors, swatch them on the side and write down the name. Save them in your pencil bag.
  5. Take a picture upload to Google Classroom. This shows me your progress within the project.


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