Value: Grid Method with Chuck Close

How to use the Grid Method with a Drawing of Chuck Close as an Example

Grid Practice Assignment #1

On the supply table is 4 different images already gridded, create a 1:1 ratio and recreate the image in your visual journal. Glue the image in your visual journal on one side-recreate on the other side.

When we Grid in Art we use the same principles as enlarging anything in the real world.

1:1 = is the SAME SIZE. (For this class 1:1 = All Squares being 1-inch x 1-inch squares)

1:2 = Is doubled in size. (For this class 1:2 = All Squares being 1-inch x 2-inch squares)

B/W Value & Grid Assignment #2

1. Grab the image on the supply table.

2. On the photo create a 1" x1" grid.

3. Find all the values and trace them in a black fine tip.

4. Label them by the b/w value scale: 1=H or HB, 2=2B, 3=4B, 4=6B, 5=Ebony.

5. Now Using a 1:1 Ratio recreate the image with all the values alongside of the photo. I MUST SEE THE GRID ON BOTH THE PHOTO AND THE DRAWN IMAGE.

6. Finally, Glue the photo into your Journal.


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