Value Sketchbook Exercise & Color Practice

Start with your sketchbook assignment Visual Journal 4.2: Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. If you could choose the lifestyle you wanted and design it down to the smallest detail, what would that lifestyle be? Draw it and take a picture upload it to Google Classroom. After you will learn how to find the different values within an artwork and shade them using the different pencils within your drawing pencil bags.
ASSIGNMENT: Take a picture from the front of the room, outline all values, create a grid next to the picture as we did yesterday and recreate the image. Take a picture and upload it to Google Classroom.

Color Practice
When complete watch the video below on using colored pencils.
You will learn how to create layers and blend colored pencils. Follow the steps below to create a Color Chart and Blend Chart.

Visual Journal-Color Value Color Chart
1.Create your own Colored Pencil Color Chart
2. Find all the colors of the Pencil Colors in the Colored Pencil bin (12pencils)
3. Create 12 quarter sized circles for each color
4. Create a gradient scale in each circle for that color
5. Write the color name underneath

Visual Journal Color Blend Chart
1. Create your own Colored Pencil Blend Chart
2. Create 5 circles or rectangles.
3. Choose 2-3 colors for each shape and blend them by going from one color to to the other.
4. Write the color combination underneath
5. When complete you should have 17 total shapes




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