The Secret to Increasing Facebook “Likes”

If you’re like most small businesses, you’re probably posting frequently to your social media properties and specifically to Facebook. Many of you probably have decently engaging content, be it pictures, giveaways, or educational content. But are you generating solid results and traffic from Facebook, or are you getting lost in the mix? Most likely, it is the latter.

So what’s the secret to increasing your Facebook following and getting results from it? The key to competing on Facebook, is not to compete! We are all guilty of posting at the same time, during normal business hours. Since social media is part of our daily business activities, it only makes sense to want to create chatter during our days, but is this really adding value?

There are two major problems with this way of thinking. To begin with, every other business has the same plan. During the hours of 9:00 to 5:00, news feeds are bombarded with content, pushing earlier posts further down the page into non-existence. So depending when you publish your post, it could become obsolete before consumers even get a chance to see it, leading to the next issue. Consumers have jobs too! If you’re not the company’s social media guru, you’re not constantly on Facebook throughout the day (or at least you probably shouldn’t be). People don’t have time in their busy schedules during the day to be constantly checking Facebook, so all your hard work is just going to waste.

Therefore, it’s time to try something different. You’re new favorite time should be after 4:00 PM, and more specifically between the hours of 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM, when there is a spike in Facebook activity. Once the work day is over, people want to catch up on what they have missed for day. Whether it’s a quick glimpse while leaving work or sitting down after dinner when the day has finally settled down, there is a noticeable correlation between “likes” and these time frames. So if you’re looking to boost your Facebook fans, you may want to consider scheduling some posts for after hours when consumers are actually paying attention.

Posting content on the weekend is also a great way to get noticed and take advantage of the minimal posting competition. Between relaxing and running errands that can’t be done during the work week, consumers have more free time to check their Facebook accounts on Saturday and Sundays, offering a clear advantage to any business that posts. Not only do they have time to visit your Facebook page and website, but the weekend offers an opportune time to draw customers to your storefront!

While it’s still important to actively engage in social networking during the week, getting an early jump on after hour postings may just increase the value of your social media efforts and make all that effort finally worth it!


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