Sketchbook 1&2 Finding shapes in EVERYTHING

Many of my students have not had art since 8th grade, so in the beginning of the year I start my students out with relatively easy sketchbook assignments so they can grasp just how to use a sketchbook and how to look at everyday objects. Students usually feel that observational drawing is so hard because they look at the object as a WHOLE, if you break down the object into shapes, simple shapes, they are not so scary after all.

SKETCHBOOK#1 – Find the shapes within the photo. USE a sharpie to trace over them.

Find a picture in a magazine with shapes you would like to recreate. Today we are only looking for shapes, DO NOT recreate the photo yet. The only thing you do is find the shapes and outline them with a marker. Try to find ALL of the shapes that are present in the picture. **REMEMBER** TAKE A PICTURE AND UPLOAD IT TO “ALL SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS” IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM.


Take the shapes you used from before and next to the first photo draw JUST the shapes.

On the 2nd half of the paper you split from yesterday. Draw just the geometric shapes-you found in yesterday’s assignment. **REMEMBER** I WILL RETURN YOUR SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT, THEN TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS ASSIGNMENT AT THIS STAGE AND UPLOAD IT TO “ALL SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENTS” IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

This is a great resource video. I usually do not use it for class, but I gain ideas from watching it myself.


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