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Project Packet Unit Color Acrylic


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This is a sample Project Summary I use for the color unit during the acrylic days. Students are asked to choose from three different projects; Graffiti, Monochromatic Color Scheme and a Roy Lichtenstein for my Pop Art kids.

It is a 4 page summary of start to finish on how I teach my units day to day so all students can have a print out of what is expected of them. Great used for IEPs and 504s.

Used in conjunction with my website (http://nikijacob.com/work-site/) this is the project summary for a Watercolor unit that follows the Acrylic unit.


This color unit covers various degrees a color theory and color mixing techniques. Students are asked to choose from two projects.

Artists =Roy Lichtenstein, Seen UA

The Art Movement = Graffiti

The Technique = Color Theory, Color Mixology

Principles of Design = Emphasis, Overlap, Symbolic Imagery


Art Process Assignments Checklist

Learn =

  1. Visual Journal 5.1-5.11 (1 given out each day of unit). Length: 11 days
  2. Color Practice Abstract Artwork (GRADED). Length: 3 days

Plan & Research = Artwork Plan (GRADED). Length: 5 days

Design & Refine = Length: 5 days

Create = Final Artwork (GRADED). Length: 5 days

Evaluate = Quiz (GRADED). Length: 5 days


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