Optical Design

The purpose of this lesson is to start the students with a simple line drawing while incorporating the element of value. This will allow the students to learn how to control their line work using contour lines and value to create movement within an optical illusion. Students will be using watercolor pencils or colored pencils to produce a vivid optical illusion.


Vocabulary Words: 

  • Types of Contour Lines – Cross Contour Line, Gesture Drawing, Continuous Contour Line, Pure Contour Line, Contour Line, Blind Contour Line.
  • Contour Line – Inside and Outside Lines are shown or Outlines.
  • Cross Contour – Parallel lines that run across the surface of an object.
  • Pure Contour – The outside outline of an object, nothing drawn on the inside. It is the simplest of the contour line drawings.
  • Line Quality – The thickness and thinness of a line.
  • Analogous Colors – Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Lesson Assignments: Value Worksheet, Contour Line Sketchbook (Colored Pencil Value Worksheet, Watercolor Pencil Value Worksheet)

Materials: 9×12” drawing paper, pencil, black fine tip markers, watercolor pencils or colored pencils.

Rubric: Rubric


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