Contour Line Sketchbook Assignment

My Phone and I

So you LOVE your phone! With your phone leaning on something, set up a still life. A Still Life is a drawing of an arrangement of objects. Maybe your phone is leaning on your make-up, or keys, or by books.

Then in your sketchbook create 3 squares that are 4 inches by 4 inches. You will then draw that same still life in 3 styles, one in each block. CONTOUR, CONTINUOUS CONTOUR, CROSS CONTOUR.

Continuous Line Drawing: consists of continuous line drawings without ever lifting the drawing instruments from the page.

Contour Line drawing:Inside and Outside lines are shown.

Cross Contour:Think of an ant crawling across the object or a topographic map.

If you do not remember what they look like, go over the Prezi.


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