Printmaking: Plan and Research

In your sketchbook, you will begin to start planning their artwork for this unit.

Answer these questions in your sketchbook

  1. Landscape or Portrait; your lino board is 4"x6"?
  2. What colors of construction paper do you like for the background.
  3. You can choose a person place or thing, Google the item using "silhouette".


  1. Upload your image to Google Classroom under the right heading so I can print it out.
  2. Print 1 photo copy of your photo-exact size of linoleum plate. It MUST be in silhouette in order for it to be graded. I will NOT create the silhouette for you.
  3. Transfer students images to the linoleum by rubbing charcoal all over the back of the photo then tape it to the linoleum block. The image is transferred by tracing all of the outlines with a pencil. Take photo off & retrace all lines with a Sharpie (this will not show in printing).

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