March is Youth Art Month

March is the month to celebrate fine arts in schools!  It’s Youth Art Month, Music in Our Schools Month and Theatre in Our Schools, therefore the best month to promote the fine arts in your schools and create meaningful events that highlight successes of your young artists.

Why does it matter? Because as you know arts are often overlooked in this high stakes testing environment. But more importantly because recognizing the amazing work of our students and teachers builds confidence and understanding for the important role that art plays in the growth of children and in our communities.

Here are just some of the ways to support Youth Art Month

  1. Check out The National Art Educators of New Jersey YAM Exhibit which is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your art students.  Each county in the state is asked to submit 6 pieces of artwork to represent the county.  This artwork is selected by a panel of art teachers in each county and must be created by students of current AENJ members.
  2.  The National Art Educators Association have so many resources to help teachers with ideas and planning.
  3. Another great way to promote Youth Art Month is on a global level, by having students share their work on the via the International Youth Art Month Gallery. For more information here’s a quick read.
  4. The Center for Contemporary Art has presented exhibitions of Somerset County student work in partnership with Art Educators of New Jersey.


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