Zentangles: Plan & Research

Creating Zentangle Patterns

On a new page in your sketchbook label it "Zentangle Name Planning"

Pattern Choosing

  • You can Google Zentangle Patterns (Google "Easy Zentangle Patterns") or use the hand out package to see how a variety of easy Zentangles are created and choose four.
  • You are to choose four Zentangle Patterns and practice them in 1"x 1" boxes in your sketchbook. Yes, you will need a ruler to create four boxes.

Name Planning

  • You are to create your name 2 different ways, you MUST use bubble or block letters ONLY and they MUST be centered. So begin by making two boxes approximately 3"x 5".
  • Inside these boxes draw your name two different ways to see which way you like better.

Creating Variety using a String Line

  • Zentangle uses a string line in order to separate their designs and create variety. We will be doing the same thing.
  • Separate your page in 8 spaces, they can be organic shapes or use a ruler if you choose. Organic looks nicer.
  • In four of the spaces try your Zentangle Patterns from the four boxes above.




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