Zentangles: Design & Refine

How to start your project

  1. First, start by adding a 1" border around the whole paper - Yes you need a ruler!
  2. Get your sketchbook out and turn to your planning page.
  3. In the newly formed box choose one of the sketchbook drawings and recreate it larger making sure it fits in the box.
  4. Separate the page into 8 areas -
    1. WHY EIGHT AREAS: You will be using your patterns twice. Remeber -you chose at least 4 patterns to recreate in your sketchbook, now you need to repeat the pattern over and over again filling up each individual section (you have eight). You MUST show at least 4 patterns. DO NOT START YOU ZENTANGLES!

When you have completed this you can move on to the CREATE PHASE which is where you gather your marker to create the Zentangle. If you choose to do it pencil first remember you are tracing all the lines with an ULTRA FINE TIP marker. Double the work.


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