Line and Shape: Plan and Research

You will be designing a skateboard deck (9"x18"). You will need to include at least three design elements and consider the long thin shape in designing your composition.

Example Google Search Term: "Line Drawing Turtle"

1. You MUST compose 3 thumbnail sketches.

(approx. 2"x5" in length). You MUST use one of your designs for your final inspiration.

2. Choose a theme, examples of themes:

  • Flowers
  • Japan- Modern
  • Traditional
  • Zentangle (Doodles)
  • Pop Culture
  • Abstract Design

3. Are you doing Line Art or a Pop Art design?

    • Line Art is ONLY b/w
    • Pop Art is flat and colorful

4. What design techniques will you include?

  • Hatching
  • Cross-Hatching
  • Expressive Lines
  • Geometric Shapes

5. You are ONLY allowed to use Sharpies and Color Pencils!

6. You WILL NEED to consider how the images are laid out on the skateboard:

    • Is the composition straight up and down, zigzag, wavy, etc.?
    • Is there a central element of focus?
    • Are there other elements that move around the composition?
    • Take a picture upload to Google Classroom. This shows me your progress within the project.

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