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You are given two projects to choose from

Zentangle Animals

Contour Line drawing of a animal (any animal) filled with Zentangle patterns.

REQUIREMENTS: You MUST have 20 different Zentangles or other intricate patterns throughout your design. There sould be no white space in your animal. All patterns must repeat over and over again to be considered. Look at the ELEPHANT as a example. These are intricate designs - not simple patterns.

Your design plan should be a contour line drawing of the animal with sectioned areas - each section should show a practiced pattern swatch (1x1" square) and then point with a arrow if need be to the desired section you are putting the Zentangle. Anotherwords you completely LAID OUT your project before starting it. You can use symmetrical Zentangle patterns if needed.


Or a Pen & Ink Illustration

Your pen and ink illustration theme is ANXIETY! draw anything - create an imaginary creature to represent the emotion, create an illustration of what represents ANXIETY to you.

REQUIREMENTS: Must show either Line Weight, Stippling, or Hatching/Cross-hatching throughout the design to show the shadows.



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