Wireform Design

Create a basic “stick” figure:

Head and Torso: Bend one aluminum rod at the center and fold in half to form the torso. Determine the neck point and use pliers to bend each end of the rod into a 90° angle to create the two loops defining the shape of the head.

Arms: Cut one aluminum rod in half using wire cutting pliers. Wrap the center of one half around upper torso.

Legs: Bend the other half of the cut rod at center, then insert it into the loop at the lower end of the torso.

Begin wrapping the sculpture with the armature wire. Wrap from the torso outward for an arm, create a loop and repeat wrapping back to torso. Repeat for all limbs. Create a larger loop for feet at the base of each leg.

Continue wrapping the torso and limbs until the desired body mass has been achieved, then form into the desired pose.


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