Color:Watercolor:Plan & Research

In your sketchbook, start planning your artwork for this unit.

Use only 1 page for the entire planning process. I want to see thumbnail drawings, color palette ( if there is color), details written, arrows if needed to indicate important things. maybe even glue in photos, write down google search terms, anything and everything you needed to research and plan the project you chose. You should use up the entire page!

You cannot change once you start. Pay attention to the demonstrations. You ONLY need to choose ONE Project!



BEYOND THE BORDER - This piece explores the expansion of the main subject matter.

  1. You MUST create within your sketchbook the idea and color pallet either in marker or colored pencil.
  2. The main subject MUST remain in color, but everything outside of the main rectangle stays black & white.
  3. You MUST have a center rectangle in FULL color.
  4. Outside the rectangle MUST remain black on white paper only.

The placement of the focal point is important in this project.


JESSICA JANIK - Create your silhouette, and watercolor a scene inside the silhouette.

  1. Create a silhouette.
  2. Cut it out, tape it to your paper.
  3. Trace around it
  4. Then, frisket around the area.
  5. Paint inside the piece only.

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