Art Movement

Georgia O’Keeffe, Lake George Reflection, 1921-1922, 36″ x 60″

A bold contrast with a sense of harmony and balance. 

In this work of art O’Keeffe is a forceful leader who takes the viewer in the direction she wants us to go. 

The inimitable master of color and form achieves so much by using a juxtaposition (two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.) of colors albeit a limited and simple palette. Complimentary (opposite) colors — shades of red and green — serve to express power and contrast, while analogous colors –red against purple and blue with green — create passages of quiet and calmness

Also notice her use of black and white, racing across the middle of the canvas, without which this painting would not have the same glorious intensity and counterbalance.

Art Technique

Color Mixing

Color Theory teaches us which colors look good next to each other, which makes them pop out and how to achieve tints and shades with every color created.


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