The Celebration

Roy Lichtenstein

Techniques and strategies of commercial printing are fundamental to the visual language of Roy Lichtenstein's celebrated Pop style.

The Benday dots and regularized stripes he used for tone, the clarifying black outlines, the flat areas of bold primary color, and the simplification and schematization of his compositions are all elements embraced by consumer culture to create the inescapable printed imagery aimed at mass audiences.

Roy Lichtenstein Reverie from 11 Pop Artists, Volume II1965, published 1966

Seen UA

A living legend of graffiti art scene whose work is known throughout the world, Richard Mirando, better known as SEEN, became active on the streets of New York City at the time when graffiti was not as fashionable as today.

US graffiti artist Richard Mirando aka "Seen UA" often referred to as the "The Godfather of graffitti", poses on March 30, 2011 in Paris. AFP PHOTO MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Art Movement/Technique


While graffiti has existed in many forms, from when man lived in caves through to ancient civilizations, the modern form of street art and graffiti writing was undoubtedly born during themed to late 1960’s.

Color Mixing

Color Theory teaches us which colors look good next to each other, which makes them pop out and how to achieve tints and shades with every color created.




Overlapping is a way artists create the illusion of depth. When one object covers part of another object, the object in front looks closer to the viewer.>

Symbolic Imagery

Visual storytelling, the telling of a story with pictures, often uses symbolic images to convey different thoughts quickly and efficiently. These symbolic images act as cues to viewers.


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