Every great ceramic project begins with four basic steps before starting the actual building. The steps below detail how to Wedge and Roll your clay before even starting the project. The reason you do this is to make sure ALL of the air is out of the clay. If any clay is left into the clay before it hits the kiln; it can explode. And if it explodes it can take out any projects close to it.

So before you start – Wedge and Roll your clay.


Knead your clay using your hands, like your making bread. This will allow the air to escape even more, and make your clay easier to work with.


Roll your clay into a ball before you start to create any project. This will give you a good starting point.

When we want to hold things together we need to Score and Slip them. SCORE - cross hatch ONLY where the clay meets. Then WET them with the SLIP (CLAY CEMENT) in order for them to NEVER fall apart. If you DO NOT do this stage your pieces will fall off in the Kiln.


Always use the Slip & Score method to hold your pieces together. Scratching the surface of the clay; cross-hatching the clay, before slipping, used to join two leather-hard pieces of clay.


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