Pull off a golf ball size piece of clay and form it into a smooth hamburger patty shape. It should be about 3/8 inch thick. Try not to handle it so much that it starts to get cracks on the surface. If this happens, put that piece of clay back in the back to get damp again and pull off another piece to try it with. The trick is to not handle it too much.


Pull off another golf ball size lump of clay. Form it into a ball, then, using gentle pressure, roll it to make it into a rope of clay. You call this rope a coil. Once the coil is about 3/8 inch in diameter (width of your finger) and pretty even along its whole length, place the coil on the top edge of the patty shaped piece. Start attaching it by using your thumb or finger to press and smooth one side of the coil down onto the patty.


Continue attaching the coil around the base and then to the coil itself, laying the coil a little toward the outer edge so that a bowl shape is made. After one or two coils are attached, start to smooth the outer coils also. Smoothing booth the inner and the outer surface will make the bowl sturdier. You can leave the outside as a coil design, but the inside MUST be smoothed out so debris does not stick.


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