Breakfast on the Go! Sausage Egg Cups

Good Morning everyone. For the last year I have been trying to wake up with my husband and either cook him or prepare him something good for breakfast before he heads off to work. It doesn’t always work great as I sleep through him leaving some days. But when I do I am constantly trying new things to make it quicker and easier and quieter. Trying not to wake up my daughter is hard when anytime you cook the smoke alarm goes off.  My hubsand is used to stopping off at Dunkin Donuts and grabbing breakfast. I have been trying to convert him to as much Paleo as I can get him to be so if it means me cooking him breakfast I am all for it.

When he heads out to DD he usually gets a Wake Up Wrap. I’s funny how the picture looks nothing like what he gets, it’s only 150 calories but he asks for 2 it’s a little more in calories. Not bad really, but not Paleo because of the Tortilla Shell. So I started out making simple things. 2 Hard Boiled Eggs (he only eats the whites) and 2 pieces of bacon. My own Wake Up wrap… Did not work out.. just to let you know DO NOT reheat Eggs. And probably was even more calories than DD and not Paleo.

But this week I found this amazing recipe and decided to try it.. we are in Day 5 of it and he loves it. So I think I have a winner. I hope you like it!  I am not sure on the calories, but with Paleo Recipes I am more concerned with the 


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